Tuneup Garage

Racers must bring their cars to a Tuneup Garage to buy and install upgrades. Tuneup Garage earns a portion of the upgrades purchased at their Garage. Total proceeds from upgrades purchased at all Tuneup Garage will be pooled together and distributed evenly to all Tuneup Garage owners!
There are only 30 Tuneup Garages in the initial Collection of game assets. Additional Tuneup Garage will not be released until a new collection of cars are released after the initial Collection of 10,000 cars.
Benefits of Owning a Tuneup Garage
  • Get a 10% discount on all upgrades for your cars.
  • Passively earn RWX tokens - Anticipated Reward Share is 10-50% depending on the rarity of Tuneup Garage.
  • Customize the name of your Tuneup Garage.
  • Your Tuneup Garage is forward compatible. This means that you will benefit from racing entry fees of all cars from the initial Collection release and future collections!