Gas Stations

Gas functions as the entrance fee for races and strategy to race on tracks. To enter a race, racers must have the gas level required for the a racetrack if they don't, they need to stop at a Gas Station and buy fuel with RWX Tokens. Racers buys a number of gallons (GAL) of fuel and then enter races that consume a specified amount of GAL per race.
There are only 20 Gas Stations in the initial Collection of game assets. Additional Gas Stations will not be released until a new collection of cars is released after the initial Collection of 10,000 cars.
NOTE: RWX tokens will be paid to Gas Station owners indefinitely based on volume of gas bought.
Benefits of Owning a Gas Station
  • You will own the rarest asset in the game.
  • Passively earn RWX tokens
  • Customize the name of your Gas Station.
  • Your Gas Station is forward compatible. This means that you will benefit from racing entry fees of all cars from the initial Collection release and future collections!
Last modified 11mo ago