Core Team

Donald K – CEO Donald K is the Concept Developer and Project Coordinator of RaceWayX. He has more than 8 years’ experience in Software Development and Project Management. He is an astute researcher who is fascinated with the gaming sector of blockchain.
Wright Pete - CTO Wright Pete is the Chief Technology Officer of RaceWayX. He has extensive experience building technological solutions that eventually cross the chasm into mainstream adoption. He is well versed in blockchain application development and project management.
Liam McFadyen - Game Developer Liam is the lead game developer for RacewayX. He is a self-taught UI Designer & Developer with over eight years experience. Alongside, running a creative development studio based in the UK, having console development partnerships, Liam has been able to expand his horizons in the digital hemisphere.
Nhani Cesaz - CMO Nhani is the Chief Marketing Office of RacewayX. For over two decades, Cesaz has amassed huge experience working with the most popular platforms, brands, and content around the world. Throughout his career he has built and managed teams that deliver break-through experiences for brands and their customers.
Johnsvn - Design Lead An all-rounder digital artist, with fine-arts background, Johnsvn possess a wide range of skills, and extensive experience in multidisciplinary creative projects, for educational media and entertainment, in different countries.
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